Gentle Periodontal Care

Receive Proper Treatment for Your Gum Diseases

Periodontal Dentistry is the advanced field of dentistry that aims to diagnose, treat and restore the teeth and gums of patients suffering from Periodontitis and the gum disease Gingivitis. Dr. Potyczka is one of the nation's leading oral surgeons and periodontal specialists, treating hundreds of patients annually.

Effective Periodontal Maintenance

Dr. Potyczka will perform a thorough periodontal exam to assess the health of your teeth, jawbone, and gums. Coupled with digital X-Rays and the expertise of a leading periodontal specialist, you'll be given total guidance on periodontal care through education and hygiene instructions. Get in touch with us!

Symptoms of Gingivitis

Gingivitis usually comes before Periodontitis. Both diseases' symptoms include swollen gums, bleeding, sensitivity, bad breath, ulcers, receding gum lines, excessive plaque, and redness. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should schedule an exam immediately. These symptoms can indicate advanced tooth decay or gum disease that could require surgery. For more information on gingivitis, call us today!
Periodontal Treatments

Advanced Periodontal Treatments

As a seasoned oral surgeon, Dr. Potyczka and the team at Casa Grande Family Dentistry use a state-of-the-art dental suite and decades of experience to treat your periodontal concerns. Coupled with our expert restorative dentistry and implants, your teeth will be better protected and wholly restored with Dr. Potyczka s expert periodontal care.
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